1. My ______ is broken, what should I do?

    Please contact our customer service center at

    Anti Guns, Inc.
    231 Deming Way
    Summerville, SC 29483
    Phone – 123-456-7890
    Email – info@antiguns.shop
  1. I heard you no longer sell GSG-5 firearms, and that you were sued by H&K, is this true?

    In 2009, GSG and ATI were sued by H&K for trade dress claims H&K made to the MP-5 look of the GSG-5 .22LR firearms. All matters of this lawsuit were settled in the fall of 2009 with H&K agreeing to drop the claims if GSG made a few cosmetic changes to the original GSG-5 and discontinued the original “exact” clone so that it no longer looked like an H&K brand gun. H&K made this settlement to prevent their only remaining claim from going to court. GSG and ATI consider this agreement to be a resounding victory for the two companies and for smaller firearm business all over the country. The newly configured GSG .22LR firearms have been rebranded as the GSG-522 series, and are still available for sale all over the United States.  In January of 2016, German Sport Guns & American Tactical discontinued the GSG-522 series of firearms to focus on future products.

  1. I would like a copy of your print catalog, how can I get one?

    Please send an email to customerservice@antiguns.shop with “Catalog Request” as the subject line of the email. Include your name, mailing address and telephone number. We will add you to our catalog mailing list and you will receive a printed catalog when an updated version becomes available. ATI catalogs are typically updated and printed twice a year.

  2. I heard there is a recall on GSG firearms, is this true?

    No, in 2010 the ATF issued a recall on early model GSG-5SD faux suppressors. You can use the link on the homepage of our website to enter your firearm’s serial number and automatically check if you need to return your suppressor for replacement.

  3. When will _________ product be available?

    As an importer of foreign products, our release dates are subject to constant change and flux. International shipping, US Customs inspections, and other variables will all factor into product release times. While we always try to provide an accurate time line for product availability, please understand that these are only projected dates and may change at any time for a wide variety of circumstances.  All of our domestic manufactured products are subject to research and development times, domestic parts availability and our in house production and assembly capacity.

  4. Where can I purchase your products?

    We encourage you to use the dealer locator here on the ATI website to find a retail dealer in your area that stocks ATI products. Dealers all over the country are supplied with ATI products from our network of national distributors on a constant basis. If you are unable to find a dealer in your area who stocks our products, or who is unable to get the product you want, you can now purchase any product from our catalog here on our website when overstock is available.

  5. Do you sell dealer direct?

    If you have a Federal Firearms License and are interested in becoming an American Tactical stocking dealer who can purchase direct from American Tactical, please contact mailto:sales@antiguns.shop for more information

  6. What products does ATI service under warranty?

    American Tactical services all of our domestically produced and imported products at our facility in summerville SC.  For more information on our warranty and warranty policies, visit our warranty page.